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BioAsis 2022

Team PlasmonicTron was more than thrilled to finally met many of the new faces as well as old friends at BioAisa 2022. More events are scheduled in 2022, just stay tuned and don't hesitate to contact us.

創生在Bioasia 2022與您相見/PlasmonicTron at BioAsia 2022 event!




南港展覽館2館 4F,R502a攤位就可以找到創生醫電PlasmonicTron,歡迎各位業界先進、舊雨新知共襄盛舉,展覽期間蒞臨指教,除了有各種相關技術展示,也能一睹TronViEWER的最新機型。

本周四(7/28)開始,我們BIO Asia見囉!

Surface Force Apparatus X SPR

PlasmonoicTron is glad to announce the joint development of SFA-SPR hyphenated technology, with our users from the prestigious National Taiwan University.

創生醫電加入法國國家研究總署新冠肺炎Flash COVID-19計畫

據統計,全球已確診新冠肺炎COVID-19人數達到近3000萬。面對疫情的攀升,創生醫電攜手與合作夥伴國立臺灣大學,法國特魯瓦科技大學以及法國新創公司Phaselab Instrument (共同合作,開發了一款恆溫放大核酸快篩檢測系統。這項成本效益優異的系統在檢測上不僅不須標記,甚至不需加熱即可達到放大效應。創生醫電期望為這場新冠戰役注入新希望。In response to COVID-19, PlasmonicTron has developed a Label-free, cost-Effective and heating-free nucleic acid screening system under a constant temperature amplification with our cooperators, National Taiwan University, University of Technology of Troyes and Phaselab Instrument ( PlasomicTron is here to help.

Link to the project(DRD-19):



FREE SPR simulation code just for you!

Check out the basic working principle of SPR in our tutorial video, and enjoy a free simulation code just by contacting

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PlasmonicTron X PhaseLab Instrument

We are glad to announce the Taiwan-France collaboration, between PlasmonicTron and our France alliance PhaseLab Instrument (PLI). With synergistic focus on plasmonic technology, PlasmonicTron and PLI are working closely toward new emerging viruses, in this rapidly changing world.

Find out our story at the website of PLI (